Genes and Minds Initiative

Workshop on Ape Genomics

March 14 and 15, 2001

Hotel Inter-Continental Tokyo Bay, Tokyo
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Workshop GEMINI was a great success. We organizers appreciate participants and related people to make it successful.
Although the workshop was over, this website will be here for a while with some updates.


List of Speakers


Organized by
RIKEN Genomic Sciences Center
National Institute of Genetics
RIKEN Brain Science Institute

Remarkable progress of the Human Genome Project will bring us soon the entire sequence of the human genome, the genetic blueprint of ourselves, which may allow us to understand ourselves more profoundly and precisely.

Taking such progress of the Human Genome Project as well as the progress of genomics in general into consideration, RIKEN Genomic Sciences Center, National Institute of Genetics, and RIKEN Brain Science Institute are initiating a joint project for exploring the genetic/genomic basis of various features unique to human. Since the highly developed intellect and mind are the most characteristic feature of human, the project is termed "Genes and Minds Initiative (GEMINI)".

For promoting our project as well as similar activities in various countries, RIKEN Genomic Sciences Center (Director Akiyoshi Wada), National Institute of Genetics (Director Yoshiki Hotta), and RIKEN Brain Science Institute (Director Masao Ito) organized this workshop.

Workshop organizers:
Yoshiyuki Sakaki (RIKEN Genomic Sciences Center)
Naruya Saitou (National Institute of Genetics)
Nobuyuki Nukina (RIKEN Brain Science Institute)

Admission for this workshop is free. More information on GEMINI workshop: Email: Web Home Page: (this page) If you are interested in attending this workshop, please contact us at the above email address.
This workshop was mentioned in news in Nature, February 8 (vol. 409, pp. 651-652): Japan's ape sequencing effort set to unravel the brain's secrets by David Cyanoski

New!: This workshop was reported in news in Science, March 23 (vol. 291, no. 5512, p. 2297): Chimp Sequencing Crawls Forward by Dennis Normile

[photo credits of this page] Left: chimpanzee, taken at Tama Zoo, Tokyo, Japan by Saitou Naruya Middle: gorilla (famous albino, White Flake), taken at Barcelona Zoo, Spain, by Saitou Naruya Right: orangutan, taken at Tama Zoo, Tokyo, by Saitou Naruya

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